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Following the trail of nitrate

[Kristen Simoes:] California’s Tulare and Salinas basins are home to half the states’ dairy herds, 40 percent of its irrigated agricultural land and 2.6 million people. It also houses a … [ More ]


Brain tissue needed to aid autism research

[Kristen Simoes:] Autism. It’s the fastest growing developmental disability in the nation. One in 110 children face an autism spectrum disorder. Here at the UC Davis MIND Institute in … [ More ]


Lens on 'The West'

[Scott Simmon, Film Archivist:] All the films on this 40-film set, none of them have ever been seen on any home video format. [Kristen Simoes:] From the first surviving narrative shot in Yosemite to … [ More ]


Protecting the oysters

[Kristen Simoes:] Marin County, California, the second largest oyster producer in the state. It’s also home to a shrinking number of dairies that are finding it tough to cope with increasing … [ More ]


Gender diversity missing in California business

[Kristen Simoes:] California businesses may lead the nation in many areas, but gender diversity isn’t one of them, according to an annual study by the UC Davis Graduate School of … [ More ]


UC Davis tracks down deadly pathogens

[Michele Jay-Russell, UC Davis veterinarian and food safety researcher:] So here's the control and here's an actual E. coli 0157 strain. [Kristen Simoes:] The reports seem frequent. The news, … [ More ]


West Village is sustainability role model

[Kristin Simoes:] Welcome to West Village, the newest addition to the UC Davis Campus. It’s a community with every amenity. But that’s where all reference to ‘ordinary’ … [ More ]


Breast milk yields secrets for health

[Dr. Mark Underwood:] I'm just going to listen to her for a sec, OK? [Kristen Simoes:] Dr. Mark Underwood is a neonatologist at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital, where he works with the … [ More ]


Self-cleaning cotton has potential to save lives

[Kristin Simoes:] In these auger plates an innovation was born that has the potential to save lives. [Ning Liu,UC Davis, Scientist:] As scientists, we want to develop protective clothing for the … [ More ]


Sensory lab most advanced in nation

[Martin Yan:] What I’m going to do is create a dish everybody can do at home… [Kristen Simoes:] For celebrity chef Martin Yan, cooking requires not just a good recipe and the right … [ More ]


West Village promotes "green living"

[Sid England, UC Davis Environmental Planner:] We laid the buildings out. We laid them so they would have good solar access so they could face the south and take advantage of the sun. So the … [ More ]


Researchers examine E.coli

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that every year about 2,000 Americans are hospitalized, and about 60 die as a direct result of E. coli infections. Foods that have been … [ More ]