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NewsWatch: 2006: Women in Biz 1

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[Narrator:] From the University of California at Davis, this is NewsWatch.

[Paul Pfotenhauer:] California women business leaders were recently told that they hold only 10 percent of the highest paid executive positions and boardroom seats at the 400 largest publicly traded companies in California.

[Mary Wyberg:] Women are only gradually increasing in numbers.

[Paul Pfotenhauer:] Why do you think it's slow?

[Mary Wyberg:] I think the workplace was designed with men in mind, for the first reason, and we haven't changed the way the workplace runs.

[Paul Pfotenhauer:] Wyberg says women hold two jobs, one at the work place and one at home, where they're often the chief care giver for the family. The UC Davis business school study found that nearly a third of these 400 firms have no female board director or top executive. Forty-eight percent have no women among their executives, and more than 50 percent of these companies have no woman in the boardroom. Nicole Biggart, dean of the Davis business school, says achieving diversity is going to be a struggle.

[Nicole Biggart:] There's much more concern now about public boards and how they behave and the quality of governance. When you -- when share holders are looking at corporate boards for the quality of their decision-making I think there is going to be much more pressure to break open the good old boys network and to bring good people from many different backgrounds into quality positions.

[Paul Pfotenhauer:] By the way, businesses in Sacramento County have the highest average percentage of women board members. Reporting from San Francisco, I'm Paul Pfotenhauer.

[Narrator:] For more information please log on to broadcast.ucdavis.edu.

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Original Air Date: November 1, 2006    Total Run Time: 00:00:00

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